Welcome to Mountain Jamz, a destination for all things jam bands!  Mountain Jamz is a passionate community-driven business dedicated to celebrating the culture of jam bands. The mission is to bring together like-minded individuals who share a deep love for improvisational music, provide a curated quality selection of jam band-related products and services, and offer a space to connect, share stories, and inspire one another.

Mountain Jamz will provide custom framing solutions, design, and sell merchandise/art that will celebrate the world of Jam Bands.   From the early psychedelic pioneers of the Grateful Dead to the new funk of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.  If you are an artist who is passionate and pours their soul into Jam Bands, let Mountain Jamz handle the business side.   Always looking for artists to partner with.  Please feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in partnering with me.